Mandatory Reporting

Reporting / Responding Framework

Standard Operating Procedure

Short Version

  • Groups based on location

    Reporters are divided into groups to cover wider area coverage of the airport Air-side and Land-Side
  • Login

    Login to Airport Management System as of Airport official reporting method
  • Inspection

    An inspection starts based on the group location. Once hazard is detected and identified, a new report will be created using Airport Management System online solution and point it to the concerned department for the necessary action.
  • Review

    After the inspection is over, the reporter reviews the past reports to check its status and make sure to respond to comments and/or place a reply to the responder
  • Workshop

    Provide a workshop for the online reporting to other departments in a weekly basis in order to expand the online reporting system activity and to solve the issues faster

  • Login

    To Airport Management system at
  • Review

    The recent reports with status "Open" in order to follow up with it based on its date
  • Reminders and Notes

    A- Message
    In case the report is not been answered or has no reply for 2 days from its submission, the follow up team will send a reminder via the airport management system for the second party to provide the appropriate action.

    B- Phone Call
    The report will remain pending for another 2 days (4 days in total from the time the report is been created), the follow up will alert the concerned party who should provide an action via phone.

    C- Final Note
    Another 2 days will be held (6 days in total from the time the report is been created), an external sheet with the name of the concerned department and the concerned person will be sent to the airport DDG in monthly basis due to lack of follow up/response from the concerned personnel.
  • Workshop

    Provide a workshop of the reports responders to other departments in a weekly basis in order to expand the online reporting system activity and to solve the issues faster
  • User Profiles

    Create / Modify users profiles in Airport Management System in order to provide the necassery support needed to operate the system.

  • Brief description about assessment team

    Analysis team works based on three basics elements: • Reports received • assessment plan then • corrective action plan (risk mitigation process)
  • Log in

    First, the analysis team will login KAMS website (Kuwait Airport Management System) Checking the reports in KAMS website in daily basis.
  • Analysis

    If the reports risk level expected to reach medium to high, an assessment will be made and/or checking the reports if requires an assessment
  • Steps

    • Checking the reports in the KAMS daily. • Providing the necessary risk assessment based on report received in the KAMS. • Provide a corrective action plan based on the assessment mentioned in the previous step. • Request references from the concern parties if needed. • Review the final version with the concern parties and/or third party. • Finalizing risk assessment. • Submit the analysis report to the concerned parties in order to reach the implementation level. • The last step is following up with the case.
  • Workshop

    assessment team provide necessary work shop to all kia section heads who are involved in airside / landside safety.

  • Campaign

    Focuses on:
    - Reporting System
    - Runway Incursion
    - Airside Speeding
  • Instruments

    To be used on:
    - Website
    - Posters
    - Displays
    - Safety Station
  • Targets

    - Airside Users
    - Landside Users
  • Campaign Plan

    Focuses on:
    - Message to be conveyed
    - Audience to be targeted
    - Instruments to support the campaign
    - Length of time and schedule of the campaign
  • Events

    - Department of the month (Monthly)
    - Air Side safety walk (Yearly)
  • Airport Management System

    Cover and follow up with tasks provided in term of performance indicator

Our Chart

  • Osama Al-Shawaf
    KIA SMS Head
    • Documentation
      • Falah Al-Azmi
    • Awareness Program
      • Salma Al-Zaheri
    • Hazard Identification
      • Reporting
        • Abdulsalam Al-Marri
        • Jaber Al-Jaber
        • Mohammed Al-Ajmi
        • Saleh Al-Mutairi
        • Fajer Al-Rashidi
      • Follow Up / Support
        • Yousef Al-Huwal
        • Hamad Al-Ghadhouri
        • Abdullah Al-Hamlan
        • Khalid Al-Bahar
    • Risk Assessment
      • Layali Al-Juaib
      • Mubarak Al-Otaibi